DigitalInside Out, 202058.8 x 104.6 inches

A global pandemic was the last thing I and millions of others were expecting in 2020. I had aspirations of expanding my business, travelling and enjoying new beginnings. Instead I spent most of my time trying to keep myself entertained and worrying about the future, all topped off with a healthy dose of demotivation. My piece ‘Inside Out’ is an amalgamation of my emotions and experiences throughout lockdown. The main, stylised illustration overlaying the flowing hydro-dipped pastel background is a self portrait depicting my negative emotions contrasted with the light airy colour palette which I typically gravitate towards. The image has been broken up unevenly to display my attempts to mask my true feelings from ones that care about me to cause them less stress. We’re not out of the woods yet with Covid, and it will be a long time before we can say that we have ‘successfully’ overcome this virus, so if you feel particularly shitty at times – well, that’s ok.