May 20, 2019

How are we treated in our todays working society?

Róisín Gallagher


A common sight to be seen scattered around my home town is shopping trolleys. It almost seems like it’s possible that these trolleys have a mind of their own and wander about themselves. Upon finding one badly damaged and burned I found myself feeling strangely sorry for it as it was left destroyed in a state of abandonment. The sight of them forgotten and abandoned offered a reflection on growing up in a working class environment and the lives of precarious workers in today’s society.

Item of Burden
Length 02:19

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Róisín Gallagher is a video artist whose work celebrates some of the seemingly insignificant moments and thoughts that we normally forget to notice or recognise that occur in our day to days lives when we walk outside. Her videos are based on the experiences had when walking within the Falkirk and Edinburgh area and provide anecdotal insights into the themes of memory, place, time and thought. All of video footage is taken from these walks which the artist narrates over the top of to share these moments and stories with the audience.