October 30, 2020

How are we gonna sew this up?

Aleksandra Kusowska

Moving ImageMapping, 2020

I did that work as a re-balancing element in my therapy and to put emphasis on mental health struggles and recovery from traumatic events. I was speaking of isolation, opposition, stages of trauma recovery, disturbance, disfiguration, and dislocation. My research to this particular work was focused on abuse, transgenerational trauma, which can be explained as transfer of pain(s) from one generation to another, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder, which can arise when a person is continuously and repeatedly exposed to experience of interpersonal trauma. Putting emphasis on the history of my country of birth, Poland, back to the XVI century and Eastern and Polish art, society, and culture, I aimed to depict influences of war and post-war county onto mental well-being. My piece employs performance, moving image, together with horror story-narrative, employing sound and colour. I have chosen this, as a reflection of fear, questions of identity which can be built over the years of oppression, confusion, and I believe as a part of my personal experiences, as much as others, speaking out. Playing with sound and colour I wanted to depict and influence varied stages of the process of recovery and perhaps ask a question of our future.