July 14, 2019

How are relationships lived and performed during the digital era?

Dione Roach

photo transfer print on paperMatame con una sobre dosis de ternura (Kill me with an overdose of tenderness), 201927X40 cm

My entry is taken from a series of hand-made prints I did exploring themes of gender, sexuality and technology. The series is concerned with the way relationships and intimacy are lived and expressed through the internet and technological realities and how gender, in particular femininity, is revealed online. Great importance is given to self-representation: in an age of self-voyuerism and with the tools of instantaneous self-publishing the self becomes something that is performed online. The work seeks to give a tangible dimension to these new digital aesthetics while questioning what is true, what is invented, how does the way we live relationships and intimacy change in this digital reality: logos from Facebook, Skype or an Iphone are transformed into designs and decorative marks. The paper lithography technique I chose to work with creates a painterly quality that contrasts with the content of the pages and becomes an act of taking distance from the digital surface and from the speed of our usual exposure to images.