January 27, 2021

How Are Female Bodies Objectified ?

Camila Ospina Gaitán

Blown Glass And Metal SupportGlass breast, 2020

Glass breast is a piece that comes from FARRRA Project, it started with some personal conflict of how to expresses the hipper sexualization of Latin American women in the best way.

After a long period of thought, I found an amazing metaphor which is the female breast. The female breast is a part of the body that has been so sexualized. That in some cultures breastfeeding is not possible in public spaces or has a negative connotation. Another good example is the female nipple which is a censor in social media while the male nipple is allowed. These are a result of a historic dominance of the female body from the male gaze. As a response, I create a glass breast, representing this fragility of social constructions based on a body part. The fragility of the limits of a female sexualized body when it wants to be sexualized and when it doesn’t, but is forced to by a patriarchal history that appropriates the female body or the culture of others.