November 26, 2018

How alone are we?

Rachel Houston


In such a hyper-aware and constantly connected world, why do we still feel alone? Through my self-portrait I wanted to bring attention to the loneliness and emptiness that we all feel from time to time, and to show the importance of distancing ourselves from a bustling lifestyle to take time to reflect and to relax. I believe that instead of focusing on others and their success, we should work on trying to understand ourselves and what makes us happy, and this sometimes involves taking a step back from technology, society and everything else that makes our lives stressful.

This piece is all about serenity and becoming comfortable in one’s own company, just as I had to do through the many hours I had spent carefully reconstructing my own face with acrylic paint.


Title: Undisturbed Solitude
84cm x 59cm, Acrylic on board