May 19, 2017


Laurence Paul-Okoh


Honesty. Maybe we all need someone we can be honest with?

Maybe they had a little conversation? Who knows?  Robert the Bruce must have felt frustrated, lonely and even afraid along with the depleting feeling of failing six times. Like the process it takes to be healed, he had to acknowledge his inner doubts, fight, and conquer them before going out to fight and conquer the nation’s battle.  The presence of the spider was a sigh of relief, a relatable situation he could be honest with- about his current situation. We know of the uplifting result that unfolded.

The opportunity to be honest with ourselves or others is difficult in today’s world. Sometimes, it is very tempting to paint a picture of a reality that is not real in a time when we need to get real. Maybe it is hard to come by our own opportunity to have a little honest conversation. Or maybe the opportunity presents itself to us, just not in a way we want or would expect.

If Robert the Bruce could get a wish after his most important victory, I’m sure that among his wish list would be an opportunity for a second honest conversation with the spider.