February 25, 2020

Homo. Inc?

Philip Cole, 28

The piece represents how man has created a society where we are shackled to our phones. I believe that “social” media is having the opposite effect of what it set out to do. We are more disconnected now from one another than we have even been before and the real feeling of community is lost. I think that we, as a race have not developed at the same pace as this technology and we can not cope with it correctly. Events that happen on these platforms have a direct effect on our mental health. Sometime subconsciously with out our knowing. A “like” on a picture will release endorphins in the brain, rewiring it and forcing our brains to develop a craving for this sort of interaction. The same with a comment that may not be kind natured will release the chemical equivalent of pain. This is a constant battle as the internet does not sleep, does not feel empathy or pain so anything can be posted and viewed by the masses, sometimes causing collateral damage with its snowball effect. On a plus side I hope this piece delivers a message that can help people reconnect with themselves and loved ones.

Homo. Inc, 2020Height 70cm, Width 45cm, Depth 4cm