January 30, 2022

Homelessness: Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

Amy Groves

A Stie Specific Dance Performance Utilising a Street Soundscape Behind Spoken WordKeep Your Coins, We Want Change, 2021

Upon moving to Glasgow, I immediately noticed the prevalence of homelessness. I have since worked with local organisations providing people with short term aid, such as a meal or clothes. I want to actively impact people in a more sustainable way though, cultivating my performance skills into something proactive. I hope to change people’s ignorance around the subject: These people are human beings, talented and smart like you, the only difference being they find themselves in financial hardship. This could occur to any of us, at any time, and the homeless are reminders of the fragility of our own lives. How can I then, as a performer, change our thinking, transforming this from a them issue that we can simply walk past on Sauchiehall Street, to an us issue? Because ignorance is not bliss, not when every 19 minutes a household becomes homeless in Scotland. I challenged myself to choreograph a narrative piece that, rather than simply entertaining an audience, actually informs them, leaves them with a shifted mentality on a subject relevant to our world today, and transforming the arts from simply a middle-class pass time to vital educational communication. So you can keep your coins, we want change.