July 24, 2020

Her Desires Are Proclaimed Mythic?

Madeline Cline, 21

Serpent dreams reveal to me the inner most suppressed desires. Through the processes of digital collage, quilting and writing, I psychoanalyse these dreams. I utilise quilts/bedding as a location of arousal and emotional extremes in correlation with Radka Donnell’s theories of quilts (1990). These quilts, as motifs, arise in my digital collages disguised as liquids and domestic textiles. The silk sheen of the quilts mimic wet surfaces, referring to the wetness of arousal and floods of tears. I construct my collages using capitalist consumerist photographs; high quality images intended to seduce mankind, offering the ‘ideal domestic life’. The internet is a tool used to create frenzy in consumers; perspective can be lost, and soon you have ordered a designer python through the post. The Post-internet profile of my work highlights man’s disconnect from nature and wild animals. I question the morals of commodifying exotic animals by recreating ‘idyllic’ domestic snapshots with disturbing details of frozen dead mice, guts, snake skins and eggs. Writing permits me to self-mythologise my experiences. Mixing reality with mental health delusions, morals from mythology and taboos from dreams, enables me to reveal the inner beast and anthropomorphise to create tales where man and serpent are indistinguishable.

If they spoke they'd hiss, 2020Digital Collage, Auto-Fiction,Variable Dimensions