January 23, 2017

Hearing The Whole Earth Change It’s Tune

Sissy O'Neill


I have utilised the vivid colours of acrylic to capture the vivacity of the horse at full pelt in the race. It is the colour spectrum that changes as we view the horse rushing past, the speed lines change energy and therefore colour capturing the physical energy of the moving horse. This effect is enhanced through the use of the speed lines, used frequently by Hook to depict the movement of time in his paintings. The use of horizontal lines along with the lines of movement in the horse and contrast of the solidity of the muscular form with the blurred colours of the speeding legs creates the effect of the horse’s power and movement. While the colours are not intended to be realistic, there is an impressionistic realism that again creates speed and movement as the audience capture an impression of what the colours might be like at rest. The use of lilac as a colour for the legs is used as ultra violet has the highest energy and thus represents how the legs of the horse have the highest speed. Again, there is the need for impressionism as ultra violet cannot be seen by the naked eye.