December 30, 2019

Have you waved to your neighbour today?

Colin Greig, 51

“It’s a small world” … it’s not, the world is huge, but despite having on such a vast area at our disposal, we mostly choose to live on top of each other in small spaces. Each time we add a building we make it grander and bigger and we put lots of glass in them so we can wave to our neighbours and see how they have arranged their furniture. Once we have saturated the area and there is no room left, we move on and do it again somewhere else. You can choose to see huge sprawling cities as a blot on the landscape or as living breathing works of art. Concrete, glass, plaster and wood mish-mashed together to make a giant work of art that is far too big for any gallery. The mesmerising patterns from planned chaos can be seen as beauty or as devastation .. I see both. If I was the Artist, I would add some green.

Wave To Your Neighbour, iPad drawing