April 29, 2021

‘Have You Seen Enough?’

Kirsty Bell

Oil On CanvasHave You Seen Enough?, 202185x65cm

I am interested in how we create beautiful things to appear favourable in sexual selection. Obscuring innocent images and bringing lucid elements in to play on the themes of instincts and parasitic behaviour. Creating compositions derived from a multitude of images and playing different characters in each to make the image feel disconcerting and show duality. This self-portrait is about control. Controlling how much and what you get to see, I took inspiration from Cindy Sherman images and Sargent’s painted ladies. I wanted to be seen playing into my instinct of trying to be ‘pretty as possible’ and the deception in that. However, I wanted to reclaim an odalisque type image and give it this shiny desirable look. This was because I wanted to have control over my own image – my image of playing different characters and being unapologetically deceptive. I believe this is important as I feel that today I have to be one thing or another and there is not enough recognition of people being confused in multiple sides of them. This is a way of my taking ownership of this confusion.