November 21, 2021

Have You Opened Your Window?

Zoe Cook

PhotographyWindows of Growth, 20211285x1074

“Windows of Growth” is a self-portrait photograph I took in response to having an extremely challenging time between summer 2020 and the beginning of 2021, where I was back and forward from psychiatric hospital admissions. Although things are still difficult and have been turbulent, I’ve seen 2021 as a year of growth. Each layer of this photograph has its own meaning, the ‘window’ (a sheet of perspex with drawings of flowers using ‘Posca’ paint markers) represents the appearance of growth, looking and working towards a future, and also others looking in the way, through the window and seeing my improvements and growth. The flowers on the body represent the bloom – almost collecting souvenirs for every challenge I’ve overcome. Finally, the butterflies, to me, the butterflies represent perseverance and patience, a caterpillar has to form a cocoon in order to grow into a butterfly, they have to go through a dark time, a process, in order to become beautiful, emphasising the beauty of recovery and growth I have gone through this year. To conclude, to me art is therapy and this photograph was taken as a visual response to overcoming a difficult time in my life, growing and moving.