May 16, 2021

‘Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?’

Laura Green

Digital imageLockdown Mania, 2021A3

‘Have you lost your mind yet?’ is in reaction to feeling the highs and lows of lockdown. It tackles the true expression we have felt during these unusual times. For the last year our world has been filled with self-isolation, restrictions, facemasks and distance. In trying to keep our world safe we have all endured these measures at the detriment to our well-being. Have you experienced the inner scream? The overwhelming urge to release all these built-up feelings. Have you felt fragmented, like you are living in horror story rather than living reality? Have you lost your mind yet? This fusion of different expressions and the layering of text and colour was cathartic. I could release these intolerable feelings, find the calm and reintroduce fun during a rather dull time. This collection shows the importance of being able to express your feelings and talk through struggles. We are all facing some inner battle, unsure of what hides behind all the smiles. Art is our way of staying connected while keeping two meters apart.