January 31, 2020

Have you joined the dots yet?

Cherylene Dyer, 46

As a female artist I have become increasingly interested in the evolution of social media and its impact on society. Our lives are infiltrated with unrealistic images, selling lifestyles edited and filtered to an unreachable perfection. What is true? What is real? We all know its illusion and fantasy, but with repeated viewing we normalise these ideals, and achieving the unobtainable becomes our goal. Recently I’ve been painting ideas exploring this theme, being especially interested in how women are affected by this, leaning on my own experiences and vulnerabilities. The work I’ve submitted is a snapshot of my emotional response to this. ‘Self Portrait With Spots’, is a painting of my underwear, not the ones I generally wear, I wouldn’t want you to see them. But rather it’s what I want you to think I wear. Painted in bright primary red and bold shiny whites, they’re brand new, never been worn, a false narrative, and not really representative of me. Part of my artistic decision is to join in with the illusion and fakery, to ask the questions, do we really know what’s real, and should we care?

SELF PORTRAIT WITH SPOTS, 2020oil on board40cm x30cm