January 22, 2020

Have you finally found freedom?

Angelina Mok, 35

In December 2019, my younger sister committed suicide. She was twenty-eight years old. She and I spent our childhood being brutally tormented, physically and emotionally, by our eldest sister. For this reason, I have chosen to create this visual story based around our experiences growing up. I found working on this project to be a cathartic unveiling of my childhood trauma. For years I have carried guilt, shame, and hollow pain because of the beatings our sister forced upon us. I felt too ashamed and fearful to speak up about the trauma, but now that my younger sister has taken her own life, I feel a duty to reach out to others who may have suffered from family abuse. My sister endured third degree burns after a first failed suicide attempt. Sadly, my mum left her in the care of our cruel older sister, who continued to assault her. Depression and anxiety plagued my younger sister, until her last breath. It took me a long time to feel whole again; to smile with grace at the world. Through these photographs I honour her memory. I ask; has the pain finally stopped? Mina, have you finally found freedom?

We Were Sisters, 2014Photography/mixed medium