April 29, 2020

Have you ever felt surrounded by darkness but were actually planted to bloom?

Kayleigh Esplin

Digital charcoal drawingBuried to bloom, 2020

I am buried under soil, like a seed, surrounded by darkness. This represents struggles with chronic illness, through which I have often not been able to see the light. This aspect shouts out to those struggling, however, the artwork collectively provides hope. It plays about with the idea that I have been buried for my own good. I am growing roots and slowly blooming. Through these years of illness I have been on a journey of personal development & growth. Through struggles comes more compassion & understanding. Through problems comes learning. I am laying in the fetal position to represent a baby developing daily in the womb. This position provides comfort in times of stress, anxiety & trauma. A link is shown between plants & humans by combining the stem with the umbilical cord, both providing nutrients for their young. These suggest that even now, I am being nourished and cared for. There is a plan set for me, this dark time is necessary and driving me to who I am supposed to be. The fetal position and umbilical cord gives connotations of being reborn, because after this difficult time, I am much more than the person I was before.