September 27, 2019

Have you accepted art into your life?

Megan Chapman

Mixed media painting on discarded hardback booksBooks: Twenty years later, 2019Variable, average hard back book size, 13.5x21cm

My current work challenges the idea that fine art, specifically abstract painting, is an exclusive genre requiring specialist knowledge or a certain socio-economic background to understand and appreciate it. I believe that all art requires is time and the willingness to see but before that can happen, it must be accessible. The guard of the viewer must be lowered, the defenses calmed and soothed to foster understanding. Through my practice of painting in discarded books that can be touched and held by the viewer, I put art into a format that is more readily understood and accessible and through this, I can change people’s relationship with art.

These books are rough, raw, and dirty though the concept and belief behind them is fully considered. These books are meant to be read and handled like any other. Slowing down, viewing art is now an intimate experience – the art received is meant for the viewer alone and can be closed up and left for another. Each person handling the books becomes part of the story and the story becomes part of the viewer as they walk away. We can touch modern art. We can have it in the palm of our hands.