February 1, 2019

Have we taken on this role or did our gender enforce it?

Olivia Furey, 28

This performance piece is an exploration of various gender stereotypes that are often enforced on women. I play the role of an artist on the opening night of her first solo exhibition and everything goes wrong for her in both her work and in her personal life. It is often expected for women to be overly emotional, to experience jealousy, but yet to be polite and ”ladylike”. The persona of the character I play in this piece shifts from being in control to out of control and practices actions that are not considered ladylike e.g. clipping my toenails and throwing them at people. In the end the character realises that no matter how hard she tries with her appearance and her work, she is never going to be able to please anyone and as a result is left in distress. This work is important because gender stereotypes hold people back in both their self-fulfilment, opportunities and they can also lead to immense pressure on oneself.


Instagram: @oliviafurey_