April 23, 2020

Have we lost our roots?

Hannah Algar, 21

This work explores how we, as humans, have become increasingly distant from nature, and have lost our respect for and connection with the earth which has nurtured us. My work was inspired by finding a leaf in a park which looked remarkably like lips, giving me the idea to create a picture of a face which incorporated mediums found in nature (I also used broken twigs for the eyebrows). The grave situation which our planet is in, and our lack of respect for the planet is deeply concerning to me. Whilst being in lockdown for Covid-19, despite the frustrations of the limitations on our freedom, something that has given me great hope is the slight recovery of the planet due to reduced pollution and commercial activity. Furthermore, since the lockdown, I have seen lots more people walking around in the park near my flat and appreciating the open green space. This gives me hope that people will start to rediscover their love and respect for the earth, and that we can get back in touch with our roots and rekindle our connection with source which gives us all life: nature.

Have we lost our roots?, 2020Watercolour and nature mediums2D