April 12, 2019

Have we forgotten to discover nature for ourselves?

Emma Ramsay, 19

In early January was when the feeling hit. The urge to follow the River Tay up to Loch Tay was insurmountable and knowing that the journey had to be done by foot or by bike was unquestionable.

68.2 miles is a long way, not so long by bike, mind. In mid-March I cycled to Loch Tay from my village, Newport-on-Tay. The purpose of the journey was to document the landscape without film or photography in order to truly experience it without seeing it “for real”.

This journey was followed out of impulse, planned and completed of course, but not without following my instincts. I truly believe that nature can ground you, make you feel at peace within yourself but you can only do so if you experience it by going with your gut. I call on everyone to rediscover nature by foot or by bike (and maybe without your phone too).


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