July 22, 2020

Have we forgotten the importance of wildlife?

Craig McEwan, 29

Through my work I want to emphasise the importance of animals, to me and to society. How can we consider ourselves a forward thinking, inclusive generation when animals are still slaughtered for trophy hunting or through the destruction of their habitat? My work highlights the animals beauty without compromise or exaggeration to capture peoples attention. Art has been used to recognise the animal kingdom in varied ways before. My work follows in the footsteps of painters such as David Shepard who spent his career highlighting the importance of conservation. Works of art like these build a connection with animals and allow people to question whether or not they are doing enough to help this problem. The Great Horned Owl was chosen to highlight these beliefs. I wanted a strong and proud creature, able to portray relatable emotions. This painting also celebrates the passion that goes into my work. For many years I didn’t have confidence in my technical ability, but what I have learnt about art and myself has allowed me to see the value of my work which I am now proud to share with the public.

Great Horned Owl, 2020Acrylic22 x 16 inches