October 18, 2019

Have we forgotten Our Mother, The Earth?

Gavin Mc Cabe

Experimental FilmSing Mountain Sing, 2019

Sing Mountain Sing, a short experimental film, explores ideas of the landscape that surrounds us and how we relate to it. By weaving together mythological elements and creationist stories, it attempts to translate a more ancient voice that speaks to us; cutting through the relentless deluge of information and data that we are exposed to. In our current times our connection with the earth is tenuous. It now seems easier than ever to forget what ultimately sustains our collective being and has done so for our entire existence.
The title of this work is informed by its soundtrack which uses the human voice as its central narrative force. Communal singing can be seen as a vehicle that opens us to a form of communication not often experienced in everyday life. It taps into a yearning for some type of deeper connection with each other, something elemental, almost sacred that rises from a place beyond commerce or practicality.
Sing Mountain Sing, though abstract, poses a serious question “When did you forget?”. How far must we stray from our relationship with the earth before we realise that, ultimately, it is all we possess?