July 30, 2020

Has Your last 4 months been a holiday?

Ross Craig, 34

If you were told at the start of the year that at some point you will be off work for four months paid. You would think you had won some kind of lottery. You would probably think that you would use the time to relax, recharge the batteries, catchup with old friends and reconnect with what is important in your life, But have you? I sure haven’t, in fact I think I have never felt this tired, less creative, confused, worried about the future and isolated from society my entire life. This box assemblage represents how I felt during lockdown and will serve as a reminder of these difficult times. Made using found objects, most of which have been found on my daily walks to the beach during lockdown period and put totgether with collage techniques framed within a antique wooden box – size W- 16” H 12”

Lockdown 2020, 2020Sculpture, Collage, Found Object ArtWidth 18 inches, Height 12 inches