June 9, 2020

Has this pandemic morphed into an external manifestation of society’s internal conflicts?

Andy Wilson

Audio (Musical composition and lyrical content)FEAR is a VIRUS,

Essentially, this song is a stream-of-consciousness reaction to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic; it reflects on the duality of living in an age where perceived increased comfort and contentment is countered with problematic realities – touching on racism/xenophobia, consumerism, welfare, overpopulation, nationalism during an international crisis, mental health and media as a distraction instead of information. The song is in two parts, with the first half reflecting the overbearing, repetitive claustrophobia of the lockdown. The second half is more open and free-flowing, suggesting that whilst many of our problems are caused by looking inward, it is only by finding contentment in the present moment that we can positively look outward. Has having our mortality thrust into collective awareness made us react to such problems better, or worse? We have a genuinely shared experience, but are people acting in the collective interest? What’s most apparent to me is that Denial is a supremely powerful instinct, and I feel that we can only move forward if we confront these fears head on. I hope this song makes you think about it, too.