November 25, 2018

Has technology taken over society?

Sarah Ogilvie


This piece looks at the development of technology over time. The main subject matter is a 1960’s telephone, however looking closely I have painted myself in the reflection taking the photograph on my phone. This singular figure highlights the isolation that modern technology brings- we are more connected to people around the world yet feel very isolated from our peers. Researchers have found a correlation of increased usage of technology to higher rates of suicide- how have we, as a society, allowed this to happen and why are people still addicted to it? This is a subject that I think really needs to be emphasised as it affects many people in society. This not only shows change over time in objects, but a shift in usage of phones, we are all waiting to be contacted via text but are reluctant to answer actual phone calls- we are hanging on the telephone. The use of chiaroscuro emphasises the eerie phone as well as referencing religious paintings of the Baroque period to show the importance put on this object.

Hanging on the telephone
Oil on panel