PhotographyA Sense Of Freedom In Photography, 2021

Much has been written about the impact of photography on painting, but less about the influence of painting on photography. I am very fond of the paintings of Henri Matisse. His evolving explorations and sense of freedom in his work has influenced many painters and I believe he has rubbed off on my approach to photography. In the face of much criticism, Matisse responded that he was , ‘…just making a painting.’ He painted what he felt about a subject. He used audacious colours, decorative motifs, flat planes, soothing subjects, everyday objects, and often, pretty ‘ordinary’ domestic scenes. He searched for a painting’s ‘pure’ existence. Matisse has given me the freedom to just take a photograph. His friend Derain wrote: ‘…he has shown me photographs of his canvasses; they are quite extraordinary. I think he has stepped through the door into the seventh garden, the garden of happiness.’ Photography should be a source of happiness, freedom and creativity.