July 30, 2020

Has isolation induced people to make wrong decision ?

Isabella Baronello

VideoSoor Plumes and Raspberry Creams, 2020

Lockdown has been a learning curve for everyone . Did it make people make poor choices? Has it made people reassess their lives or fill them with dread for the future? In Sharon’s case she was vulnerable and trusting and in her husbands case he was incapable of breaking out from his forged behaviour. By the end of lockdown Sharon has become fortified and has condensed her thoughts. The inability to change has been Sharon’s husband downfall . Sharon’s new inner strength has come out of having time on her hands and realizing she is not just the persons who takes orders but can take control and start again. Never in our lifetime have been force to take a good hard look at ourselves and perhaps that only a pandemic can do that. Some people will change and some will return to how they were. I personally want to hold onto to me and work hard to attain new skills . I shall keep moving.