October 30, 2019

Has Humanity Lost Touch With Nature?

Tom Hall

Pen and InkMother Nature, 20197 inches x 11 inches

Has Humanity Lost Touch With Nature?

At a time of global environmental crisis, I ask the question, has humanity lost touch with nature?

The natural world has been systematically destroyed in the name of creating a more comfortable lifestyle for humanity. Mass pollution has destroyed our oceans, and deforestation has ravaged the habitats of countless species. In this piece I have tried to express the idea of humanity reconnecting with nature. Depicting a woman surrounded by various flowers, mushrooms and vines showing how intertwined humanity is with the natural world around them. As well as the various flowers and plants there are thorny vines wrapping around the woman’s back, cutting into her skin. This is to represent the idea that if humanity is to reconnect with nature it will come at the cost of the comfortable lifestyle we have all grown so accustomed to.