Construction paper, Origami paper, Plastic, Gluegwen and wilbur move to scotland, 2022Video

I created the “Gwen and Wilbur move to Scotland” video as a semi-protest in response to the ‘Peppa Pig Goes to Ireland’ book. This video explores me and my real life cats experiences moving from the US to Scotland. In Peppa Pig’s book there was a complete lack of representation of culture and it seemed to me a fairly stereotypical representation. I wanted to showcase the Scotland I experienced and enjoyed without falling into the same cliche trappings as many do when presenting a country to both locals and foreigners. For example; instead of just going to a shop to buy a kilt, Gwen and Wilbur are taught how to fold a plaid. The cats also run after the ice cream truck (but can never catch it) which is a small nod to the Glasgow Ice Cream Wars. The images are bright and easy to absorb so that it is palatable to all ages. In addition there are Easter eggs throughout the video which makes it more of an interactive experience.