Short StoryGot Faith?, 2021

My inspiration for this story was actually drawn from personal experience of being brought up in the church amongst a heavily religious family, and as a child, not quite understanding what it all meant. This is a prime example of a disconnection that many young people face today, from faith and in turn, their devoted parents. I think that this idea of feeling out of place within your religion, culture, gender, sex, or any norm for that matter, is extremely relevant today and the stigma around straying from these conventions needs to be challenged. This account of a child, desperately rummaging around for any hint of their ‘faith’, and in turn, affections from their mother, poses the question of whether parents should force a belief onto their child that they may not identify or connect with. At the same time, it explores the feelings of alienation that arise for those who are in conflict about their faith, especially youngsters who are supported entirely by their parents. It poses the question of what is more important for families of faith, their beliefs or the happiness of their children?