July 19, 2022

Going Coastal

Carrie Flinte

Acrylic, Acrylic Ink, Oil Pastels, Water from the sea at Maidens beachGoing Coastal, 202259x59cm

The outstanding beauty of the Scottish coast is something we all hold dear in our hearts, childhood memories of days out at the beach, or the serenity you feel walking along the beachfront on a cold February morning. The weather just adds to the allure, in the summer you have glorious days at the beach, fun for the whole family, and in the winter you have beautiful moody skies, dramatic cloud formations and roaring waves to enjoy. However, research completed Glasgow University researchers in collaboration with the Centre of Expertise for Waters has warned that climate change has meant that there has been an increase in wave action leading to coastal flooding and rising sea levels. This could mean that in as little as 28 years many of these beautiful Scottish coastal areas that we so enjoy may not be usable or even exist anymore. Your favourite coastal walk that you took this year may no longer be there to enjoy when you retire. We must act now to help protect these incredible and special locations.