July 27, 2021

Glasgow Lanes – Does Our Urban Environment Offer a Safe Space for the Vulnerable in Society?

Jane Reith

PhotographyGlasgow Lanes,

This body of work first started in the Winter of 2019 and continues to this day. My focus is on the urban environment around where I work (Blythswood Sq, Glasgow) and the high levels of assaults and attacks that often occur in the neighbourhood, mainly on women. These lanes are very often badly lit, empty, and have some sort of obstacles in them (bins or leftover packing/building supplies) making them prime areas for such attacks to happen. However, although these places have a sense of abandonment, are rundown and have little attention paid to them, I have also found them to be places of peaceful solitude full of other interesting aspects. On passing, I looked more closely and discovered the colours that come to life either via occasional lighting, painted garage doors, signage or graffitti. In my photos I try to capture these effects, highlighting the often jewel-like colours, pastel skies of sunset and intriguing patterns that can be found, and showing them in such a way that makes them more inviting, positive and welcoming places, more feminine so to speak. I try to bring them back into everyday life with a glamour not often seen or noticed.