November 29, 2021

Give or Take? Give and Take?

Carrie Flinte

AcrylicThe Pick of Autumn, 202130x30cm

My painting is inspired by where I live, on the grounds of Culzean Castle and depicts a cluster of beautiful trees which I can see from outside my kitchen window but picked and contained within a vase. This for me, represents the feeling of humans taking from nature what we want for our own ends, without considering the long-term implications of some of our actions. I have witnessed many visitors over the years treat the country park, and its furry inhabitants with less respect than they deserve. From the litter strewn on Culzean Beach to flower beds trampled, and sometimes even the free-range deer hunted at night for entertainment when the park is closed, it saddens me that although people enjoy coming to the park, there is often a disconnect in how we treat the natural environmental around us and the impact that this inevitably has. Scotland is a place of outstanding beauty, and in my opinion it’s the most beautiful place in the world, however if we continue to take, without giving back or caring for our environment, this beauty will slowly but surely diminish, like flowers picked and displayed in a vase.