January 7, 2020

Freedom. Do we choose to fuck things up just because we can?

Jack Farley, 17

As a result of reading lots of Scottish novels in preparation for my Advanced Higher Dissertation, I find myself continually drawn to and inspired by Irvine Welsh’s brilliant and inspiring prose. “Devisin” also based in a post-Thatcherite Edinburgh, is an extract from a larger novel named “Kickin'” which explores the journey of a group of young fanatical Heart of Midlothian fans in the 80s as they quest to put their club’s “Young Team” back on the ultras ladder. The piece communicates a story of camaraderie yet intertwines with more sinister undertones to show how easy it was for the young men of the time – and also the present – to be swept away from the right path onto one which only causes peril -particularly for those of the working class. These ideas are important to review as so often young teens in Scotland find themselves caught up in acts of antisocial behaviour or hooliganism. I hoped that by giving a first person account from a coetaneous mind it can offer more insight into what can spark these issues.