May 16, 2017

Free Spirits

Lisa Kowalski


Free Spirits is a song that was inspired by someone telling me I was free-spirited. The words reflect the difficulties I had been having with finding a peer group who would accept me as I am.  I have always turned to song writing to express hopes, frustrations and dreams and the words of this song reflect my decision to be myself regardless.
It basically reflects pride in being who  am, being different and believing that one day my time will come  – thereby expressing the values of self-direction , self-respect,  holding true to your personal goals and embracing creativity.

I believe strongly in equality and am against all prejudice. I have felt the pressure that society places on young people to conform, having suffered from an eating disorder and other behavioural issues as a young teen, as a result of trying to be liked. I kept these issues from the people who cared about me and song writing has been a great way to express myself and feel accepted through people appreciating my music. I hope Free Spirits will uplift anyone who is feeling down about who they are and help them look forward to a better future.