September 27, 2014


Katie Booth | Cara McDonald | Gemma | Stephanie | Anna

We firmly believe that a country is its people, not its government or its laws, and that if a country is to truly become developed then the poverty of every single person must be eradicated. What developed countries need to provide is a foundation upon which the people in developing countries can build their own economy and lives. From the idea of developed countries providing a ‘foundation’ we created the base of our sculpture. The subject of our sculpture is a wire child climbing up a stairway made of a city that steadily becomes more well-kept as the steps get higher. The child’s arm is outstretched, reaching towards a lit light bulb, representing hope for the future. The city that the child is climbing represents the support of developed countries, but it is clear from their steepness that the effort of the climb belongs to the child, who portrays developing countries and their path towards ending poverty.