January 31, 2020

For all the innovations the technological revolution is providing us, what is the most important lesson from the last great societal advancement?

Eoghann Menzies, 29

The world is constantly changing, technological innovations abound. Yet we are in such an age of waste, it is more important than ever to look back at the lessons learned. By refreshing our concept of value, by putting creativity and craft at the heart when making those things that are used the most, from the vernacular to the mundane, we perpetuate a greater meaning and connection to the innovations that lead us here. By reconnecting the artist, designer, manufacturer, software engineer (and so forth) we create valued and sustainable items. This Notebook was created to explore knowledge and inspiration, from its initial function to store my ideas, it has evolved into much more. Through the exploring traditional repousse brass-work and inspired by the values of the Arts and Crafts movement, I produced this tree – my tree of knowledge – riveted onto the leather cover of the 120page Notebook. Secretly hidden inside is a 480GB SSD hard-drive, enough digital storage for all my needs. The written word to the digital code, a fitting embrace of millennia of innovation and inspiration. From the initial pursuit of practicality this idea developed to a Flagstone example in the re-connection of art with technology.

To write a ROM, 2020Repousse Brass120mm x 180mm x 41mm