March 26, 2020

Feeling Objectified?

Sorcha Shepherd, 22

This piece is called ‘Feeling Objectified? I’m Not.’ The message behind this piece is to convey that the female nude can be used in a way that does not objectify women. Therefore it eradicates the stigma behind the presentation of the female nude. I believe that the female form is beautiful in all ways and it does not always have to be seen as obscene or sexual. This piece portrays a female torso that displays the wonderful curves of the female form yet, there is no sexuality or indecency. There is no flirtatious gestures and no body language that could be argued to be sexual. My work aims to express that although women are indeed sexual creatures. Just because they are naked they do not have to be sexualised as the contextualisation of this piece is to be a representation of the natural form in its entirety. Women can embrace their form proudly and share their bodies.

‘Feeling Objectified? I’m Not.’, 2020Acrylic paint120x150