July 23, 2022

Fallen Star

Ines Barbosa

WrittenFallen Star, 2022

Mental health is more complicated than just depression, anxiety or eating disorders. Many people go through life struggling with mental health and never have it diagnosed. Not because they don’t seek help (some do!) but because people often suffer from a variety of issues, or find explaining their thoughts and feelings difficult. My description of Roslyn’s intense emotions make the reader empathise with her, and able to say, “I do that, it’s not just me” and then feel encouraged to voice what’s troubling them. Roslyn and Rowan represent introverted people who are able to open up when they feel comfortable with each other, which creates a support system. Rowan is respectful, patient and sympathetic to Roslyn’s troubles without pushing her too far, which could lead to more damage being made. Fallen Star acts as a reminder that mental health issues take many forms. Everyone is unique and therefore reacts differently to everyday situations – you might not have a fear of spiders, but your friend might be terrified – and it wouldn’t be fair to dismiss that fear. Similarly, it wouldn’t be fair to minimalize someone’s anxiety, or stereotype an entire generation as depressed, which only belittles people’s problems.