February 5, 2020

Fallen Rainbow?

angela shields, 73

From my window I saw this rainbow fall down on a hill across the River Clyde, I quickly reached for my phone to capture this moment as it seemed to me it was quite rare. I have seen many rainbows with the backdrop of beautiful Scottish scenery, but this one held my gaze and made me wonder why it had fallen out of the sky ‘where blue birds fly’? We usually look at rainbows and say the rain will stop and the sun will shine but was this Fallen Rainbow predicting something more than ‘the clouds are far behind us’ Global Warming and changing weather patterns leaves me wondering. As the fires burn in Australia and the smoke blows across continents, as ice melts , lands flood, seas pollute, and all life is endangered, looking at this rainbow laying on the hill leaves me troubled. I ask myself is this Fallen Rainbow a warning from Mother Nature telling us that unless we reverse Global Warming and wake up the clouds wont be ‘far behind us ‘.

Fallen Rainbow?, 2020Photography