April 6, 2017

Face With Orange Background

Ruaridh Litster-Campbell


I feel that when most people look at a piece of contemporary art, they try to decipher it, to find its meaning. While I am in no way saying that art shouldn’t have meaning (it definitely should), it would be nice if people could just appreciate the aspects of the art which are pleasing on the senses. For this reason, I suppose my submission studies the idea of “A world of beauty”, the possibility of admiring art based on face-value. Picasso’s quote about everyone wanting to understand art best explains what I am trying to say. In my view, my painting is a simple celebration of the human face. The fact that the figure in turn is admiring natural beauty is a happy coincidence. My process consisted of painting the face using increasingly smaller brushes as this allowed me to be quite free in expression as any mistakes hopefully add to the overall effect. It is worth saying however, in the process of striving to create a piece without any deeper meaning to contrast work with more emphasis on the story behind it, I have inadvertently given my submission a meaning and aim.