June 19, 2022

Exploring Drawing And Print Making Through The Tangible Form

Declan McCourt

Plywood, Perspex, Steel, Red Earthenware, glass, etching and lithography printsCentre Stage, 2022Variable

An exploration of drawings and print making into the tangible form. Marks, shapes, figures and motifs are brought to life through sculptures and installation. I draw my inspiration for the sculptures from my drawings, markings from locations I have lived in or visited and imagination. Through their translation to print I explore the relationship between drawing and tactility by turning the prints three dimensional. My work is an amalgamation of spaces which have importance to me. The colours and shapes are memories, the installation takes centre stage in my physical diary within the spaces I inhabit. I question everyone to view how they move and live within spaces and what we leave behind in landscapes and environments. Looking at archaeological sites for example, how can we be more conscious of our existence and the things that ‘make’ us. Materials within my space are all recycled or repurposed. Memories and moments linger while physical marks battle for prominence. My work aims to portray a new visual language of memories, drawing and dreams while questioning the ecological aspects of materials, living and archaeology.