February 2, 2022

Everyone Matters or Do They?

Isabel Dosser

Short StoryEveryone Matters, or Do They?, 2022

I was fortunate enough to be a specialist in cancer and palliative care and worked predominantly with patients who were dying. I tried to make people feel they mattered until they died and valued the experience and privilege of being part of that chapter in their lives. I then went on to teach this to student nurses, as a lecturer. People should matter until they die regardless of background or position in life.

I aim to communicate that regardless of profession or status cancer is not particular and can affect anyone. Although some people have more understanding of processes and treatments, it has the same impact. It changes how others see you, and how you face the future. Add the struggle of working during a pandemic and the impact this had on important dates such as weddings and funerals. Finally, being told you have cancer and being a professional, in the role of the patient takes great adjustment psychologically and physically as many people think it won’t happen to them, until it does. It happened to me last year and had an impact on my writing.