June 27, 2022

Every Body, Everyone (Take Good Care of Yourself!)

Anne Stoner

Binaural sound, everyday objects, 3D printed materialEvery Body, Everyone (Take Good Care of Yourself!), 2022

This interactive sound installation is most closely categorized as body-as-site, drawing inspiration from contemporary exhibition work in sound. Participants are invited to manipulate and explore the inner-workings of commonplace items; a toothbrush, hairbrush, bar of soap, and bottle of mouthwash. When the items are used in their everyday manner, they trigger the sounding of familiar and yet somewhat gross bodily noises appropriate to the object. Participants are invited to be intrigued, disgusted, confused, amused, or a bit of all. The piece attempts to highlight the innate silliness of the body’s everyday needs and self-care, building upon Holmes’s writings on fleshy bodies. Ultimately, the piece aims to showcase the dichotomy between the body as a simplistic, often silly vessel in need of constant care, and the intense pressure placed on those same bodies to be pleasing to a societal standard. The piece also brings the private into public, showcasing somewhat vulnerable, every-day actions in a venue completely incongruous to that of their regular occurrences. I have observed participants to be both uncomfortable and amused by this experience, often sharing in laughter and enjoying the silliness of the piece, ultimately enjoying the oddities of their own bodies.