sterling silver mixed with conductive fibre optics and crystalline alloyCryogenisis, 19997x3 feet

Thinking about the unstoppable multifaceted means of creation. Deliberately or indirectly, completely static or just anything left to the weathering time. Creations with or without the “artists” hands of self-congratulations. During my art of the natural, I have witness layers of segregated materials (securely sealed air tight) inside transparent bottles turned into colourful moles that reminisce abstract art. Even suppressive, abusive past during my youth had me fiddling out sketching subconsciously a “cocoon”. ‘Like pencil finding itself to dance on scrap paper during a phone call.’ Later advanced towards a science that is a gurney, hospital operational table, healing machine of medical augmented advance sleeping bag-under M.O.D consideration. Looking back realising what bellows to the surface from my abusive past, to coward inside a protective “cave-like” ideal, sheltering from storm of noise, pressures, punishments and high expectations and yet without regrets…they must be there in order for me to create a life saving/enhancing device today that protects the other versions of me from the 6 degree of separation. So even bad memories has the power to create.