May 14, 2021

‘Environmental Thoughts. Where Do You Think? Is It Where You Think Or Where You Go To Think?’

Nick Andrew

AudioUisge Tatha, 2020

The image of a waves crashing onto a sun kissed beach, doesn’t necessarily conjure up a beach in Scotland, but for me it does. Broughty beach on the river Tay. It’s Gaelic name is ‘Uisge Tatha’. This is where I grew up and formed the best of my thinking (I think). It’s also where I retreat when my mind is full of the foggy, over-thunk funk of regular life. My Uisge Tatha became visited more regularly after I lost all my work in the cough of a pandemic. It is positively better than regularly visiting it’s twin, uisge beatha. The tune, ‘Uisge Tatha’ is the sound image of an environment that embraces one’s best thoughts, gifting inspiration and wellbeing as the reward for visiting. The carbonised negativities are neutralised by the soft, soothing sound of waves. My reward is delivered by one guitar (Aye, even the drums, synths and seagulls are played on guitar) aided by modern technology and a hairband. Talk about using your head! Everyone has their own ‘Uisge Tatha’. Look after that environment or where else would you think?