January 31, 2020

Is there a river underneath the river?

Justina Wojcicka

oil on canvas'Ether', 201860x80cm

I am very strongly committed to the concept of the ‘de-humanizing nature’, the reversal of the damaging processes introduced by the mankind. The proposed work depicts a simple state of dreaming, a wish of a clear, free ether. The idea of the natural state of flow, a peaceful change in a circular harmony dictated by the most free of the creatures – birds, is to remind about the importance of the natural balance so often lost in translation in the worlds created by the human kind. It is a peaceful meditation. The colour blue is suggestive of submergence, the state of being underwater with senses hushed down in order to reach into deeper self, the stronger understanding of being a part of the natural circle as oppose to being in charge of it.