July 29, 2021

During the Pandemic Have We All Found a Safe Haven?

Angela Helena Pieraccini

Acrylic on Box CanvasSafe Haven, 2021125x100cm

We have all been seeking some sort of sanctuary during the last 18 months, a safe haven providing security, warmth, emotional support, comfort and protection from the outside world. We have been caught up in our own wee bubbles trying to avoid the dreadful virus that has consumed our life’s. This piece is from a series of paintings I’ve been working on in response to our current life constraints, circumstances , psychological retort, that we have all been living under and I feel it has been very important for each individual to feel comfort, unity, protection and a sense of security to help with easing of the alleviation of the grief and distress which we have all been living through. I have been concentrating on making my work more aesthetically appealing I want people to see and feel beauty and Joy in my work, bringing something uplifting to their subconscious. My belief is art should be a form of escapism and visually appealing. I have a strong sense of colour which brings energy and confidence into my work which is primarily to bring positivity and optimism.